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Our goal is to ensure that you will always have the best cleaning option available.


Focusing on meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients and provide a highest level of quality service.



We  protect  and respect the privacy of our customers. The site registration form require to disclosure information such a name, address, e-mail and phone number. We use this only to qive you  a quote, or notify you about important things regarding our services or schedule.



During the 1st time we perform a deep cleaning. Subsequent cleaning prices are based on based on frequency of our cleaning services and, therefore are lower than initial cleaning fee. If it has been over 30 days since your home was serviced we would need to perform another “deep cleaning” and then subsequent charges will apply.



It is important to us that you secure your pet as pets may  to run out while the crew is entering or exiting the home.



Our employees are extensively trained, screened with a background check and supervised. They have verifiable personal references and verifiable work history and also meet our standart  and qualifications. Please keep all your Fragile, valuable items  together with cash, jewelry and other valuable items in a secure place.


For security, acces to the keys, have only professional who clean your home.All keys are stored in a doubly –locked box at our office.



MCS  ask  to make payment after work is performed. MCS accept cash, checks and on line payment (Quick pay option). If any reason that you are not  100 % satisfied with our service, please call the office within 24h and we will reclean your place for free.



As a courtesy we confirm our  appointments in 24 h in advance. Unfortunately, due to the amount of last minute cancellations and schedule  changes, it has become necessary for us to require a min 24 h notice for any cleaning service cancellation or change. We  are aware that life happens and sometimes less than 24h notice is unavoidable, However , if it appears that less that 24 h is given on a recurring basis , we will have no choice but to charge a $ 20  cancellation fee. This is min fee  that is in place to cover employee wages as well as loss of income that occurs when there is a last min of cancellation. Our team working hard to be flexible as we can for you  and your  busy  schedule.



The cleaning lady will not pick up after you. There is a joke about having to clean up before the maid arrives, but there is a reality behind it. If your floor is cluttered with scattered toys, books and etc. she can’t vacuum it. No to many people want to be responsible for breaking someone else’s belongings, so it will be seen as your responsibility to pick them up.

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